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Blue Line Magazine says "No patrol officer should be without this text..."

Review by Blue Line Magazine:

The original author, Gregory Wm. Koturbash, drew upon his 18 years experience prosecuting violators of Canada’s impaired driving laws and developed a considerable understanding of these laws.  After the publishing of the original version in 2011 the author was appointed to the Bench of the British Columbia Provincial Court.  This necessitated that he divest himself of any interests in “Maple Publications” and the publishing rights to this book.  The new owners of the publishing house have now taken the original title and assigned two editors to keep the contents fresh and current.

As was the case with the original title this book will help direct the reader to the information needed to successfully investigate and prosecute impaired driving offences.  In this second edition the editors asked police and prosecutors what they needed.  The result is the inclusion of practical checklists as well as the insertion of a lot of new case law.

The book is well researched and indexed, making it easy to find answers in a hurry.  No patrol officer should be without this text in their briefcase.  Anyone with a concern about drinking drivers will soon put it to good use – and the pages should be well worn and tattered in short order.

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