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Reviews of Investigating Impaired Drivers

What Users are Saying...

The following are unsolicited comments gleaned from our correspondence files:

“I have read the book. I cannot state enough how impressed I was with it. The layout and delivery of the information was excellent. This (is) the perfect format for cops who want the facts and just the facts. You do not have to read a chapter or lengthy verse to find an answer. It is very easy to read if you just have 10 or 15 minutes to spare, you just pick it up and start anywhere.” A ‘Division’ Traffic Service Specialist.

“It is an amazing book and has assisted me in taking even more impaired drivers off the road....my number one goal when I became a police officer 11 years ago.” A front-line Traffic Services police officer.

“Very impressed with your book, ‘Investigating Impaired Drivers’ . Easy to understand, great detail - language Police Officers will understand.” A Traffic Training Coordinator in a provincial police college.

“This book is by far the best resource available to police officers on investigating impaired drivers and credit to Greg and everyone else who was involved with writing and publishing it.” Anonymous

“We really appreciate what you have done for us in the law enforcement community by writing this book!!! You have provided some very valuable information to assist us in answering the challenging questions we face with respect to impaired driving investigations. Your hard work and efforts are greatly appreciated.” An Impaired Driving Investigations course instructor in one of the largest cities in Canada.

“It is probably one of the most effective books I have seen relating to police work. We bought several copies and each shift supervisor has one for his team, as well as the OPS NCO.” A Sgt-in-charge and operations NCO of a large rural police detachment.

“No officer should be without this book in their tool kit.” The editor (and a former police officer) of Blue Line, a police magazine.

“...our trial division managed over 100 impaired driving cases last year. We've found the first edition of your Investigating Impaired Drivers book very useful, and we were curious if Maple Book Publications would be interested in donating a copy of the second edition to our charity.” A not-for-profit legal clinic in a large Canadian City.

“...I received the book just now and was so surprised. I’m very strict when it comes to impaired drivers and this book is going to help me even more... I have been looking for check list for some time and NOW I have it, Thanks to you!” A city police woman.